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With ongoing expansion of services, the City of Toronto is hiring 1,300 more staff. Many of the new positions make perfect sense, like 222 for the TTC, 156 welfare caseworkers, 271 for capital project design and oversight. But a few new jobs seem to be little more than make-work projects.

So with typical uniformed punditry, I’m going to comment on some of the new jobs. My comments aren’t based on any profound knowledge of City needs, so to riff on George H.W. Bush, I don’t care what the facts are (Conservative readers will have no trouble following along):

Excerpted from the Toronto Star:

Five permanent inspectors for grow-op crackdown. [It’ll never happen while the federal Puritans led by our Dear Leader are in office, but one day can we just get on with legalizing this stuff?]

2.5 tech jobs for Chameleon System that allows dispatch to more efficiently assign calls to animal care control officers. [Good idea. The first person they need to crack down on is my neighbour with her home-based zoo]

A tech job to set up an electronic tracking system for crackdown on illegal signs. [I’m not sure how an electronic system is going to find my novelty parking sign posted in my driveway. Or how they’ll “crackdown” (what an odd word. We’re talking road signs, not terrorist cells) on that idiot who puts a “No Parking” sign in front of his house to keep an on-street parking spot to himself]

Eight permanent positions to gear up for 2010 municipal election. [Well, these aren’t really permanent positions, are they?]

One position for privacy impact assessments to comply with privacy legislation. [We’ll need to look deeply into your day-to-day activities to make sure you’re complying with privacy legislation…]

Two temporary positions to work on reviewing and reporting councillor expenses. [Why temporary? If there’s a problem here, why not make them permanent? Or are we expecting some of the more oleaginous councillors to start mending their suspect expense-account ways?]

11 customer service representatives to reduce delays at parking tag counters/call centre. [I guess there will be 11 more people to wait for after spending 30 minutes navigating the labyrinthine automated system]

An animal nutrition research assistant. [Someone needs to help some of our hefty councillors shed some weight]

Eight workers to handle tree-cutting applications from developers. [Pave paradise and put up a parking lot; and then populate the periphery with twee saplings to make up for the 100 year old trees that had to be hacked down for “progress”] 


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