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The truth doesn't come cheap...can you support's FOI Fund?

Dear Reader,

We hope that you find our news and editorial comment worthwhile, provocative and that it is a nutritious part of your digital diet. We are a new voice on Canada's media landscape, and we'd like to be around for a while.

When we first began discussing doing a website dedicated to Canadian civic affairs last November, we had no idea that we'd encounter so many topics and receive the readership we have. Now, as the disclosure deadline has come and gone and millions have been reported on campaign expenditures, and with longstanding leadership at Vancouver City Hall either fired or given a shove out the door, we feel that the exploration is only beginning.

There are costs to the work we produce here, in particular paying for FOI (freedom of information) requests. We feel we need the information we can only get through FOI in order to get to the bottom of what's really happening in the halls of power. Unfortunately these requests come with a price tag attached.

Therefore, would you support us with a donation?

We're adding a new PayPal Donate button to the right just below our Twitter graphic. Click it and you can pay by credit card. No registration required.

When you send a payment, you receive an email back as a printable receipt. You will not be entitled to a tax credit by donating to our FOI fund.

As the work we do is not sponsored by political groups or involves the use of public money, only we will know our donors. That is, unless you decide to brag about it to friends.

To date thanks to an FOI request we've reported the real costs of the extravagant Vision Inaugural Ball, and we have several stories in the queue relating to information we have received through other information requests.

With your help, the work of and our efforts at getting out the facts can only become more complete.

Click our PayPal button and pledge your support to today!

Thanks from the Team.

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