Anton's campaign finance motion will go nowhere

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Anton's motion on campaign finance reform in Vancouver is going nowhere fast!

NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton fired off a news release this week indicating she plans to introduce yet another motion at Vancouver Council requesting the Province impose further restrictions on campaign financing. I hate to be the one to break the news to the good Councillor, but her motion is dead in the water.

Firstly, despite having brought a similar motion in opposition, it is unlikely that Vision will second Anton's motion, let alone vote in favour of it. Now that they're government, why would Vision want to push for campaign finance reform and dismantle the very system that got them elected?

Secondly, Vision will rightfully criticize Anton as a Johnny-come-lately on the issue. After all, she was in government for three years and not once did she move a motion or lobby the Province to make the changes she is now calling on this Council to support. Nor am I aware of her raising the issue at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), of which she has served as a Director.

Lastly, the Province is likely not going to wade into this thorny topic unless it gets an official request from the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM). This is highly unlikely given all the other pressing issues on UBCM's plate.

Is spending over $4 million dollars on Vancouver's civic campaign perverse? In one word, yes. Is the fact so many special interest groups, foreigners and numbered companies play such a major role in Vancouver's civic election concerning? Yes again.

Over the coming months, we at will continue to delve into the people, corporations, unions, foundations, and foreigners who seem to have more than a passing interest in Vancouver's civic politics. It's all part of our Know Your Donor series and based on the web traffic we've received over the last 48 hours, it would appear many of you do in fact want to know who the donors are.

While the general thrust of Anton's campaign finance motion is good, it is destined to go nowhere. If that's the case, Vancouver could very well see the first $5 million election campaign in 2011. Get ready for it.

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