Attention Canucks Fans: pickets at GM Place tonight

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Vancouver City Councillors Meggs and Chow in solidarity with GM Place workers

Tonight the Vancouver Canucks are squaring off against the Los Angeles Kings at GM Place. It won't be the only battle at the hockey arena. Local 40 of the BC Hotel Workers and Food Service Workers are on strike and have set up pickets for hockey fans to cross.

The union workers are striking for job security (the right to work during the Olympics), wages, health benefits and a safe and decent locker room for women workers. They have powerful support from Vancouver City Hall in the form of Geoff "Mayor" Meggs and Councillor George Chow. In a YouTube video posted on the Union's website, Mayor Meggs speaks to rallying workers in support of the fight with their employer:

"The Councillors of the City of Vancouver are watching this fight, and we're wondering what has gone wrong...why your employer seems to misunderstand the situation. You can't have a hockey game without hockey players, and you can't provide a hockey game without the services you provide either." 

Meggs, a union member himself and a former Executive Director of the BC Federation of Labour has taken on the role as Vancouver City Council's labour guy. He represents the city at Metro Vancouver's GVRD Labour Relations Bureau, and further to that moved in January that the City of Vancouver withdraw from the Bureau altogether. covered the Meggs GVLRB story earlier.

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