Vision's Great Defender draws the knives

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You guys are great!!
Aren't these guys great?!

There once was a journalist working in Vancouver whose stories could set City Hall on its ear. She's moved on now and writes soft, fluffy stories about what a great team has been elected at Vancouver City Hall. The staff here at refer to her fondly as The Great Defender

An unusual thing has happened in the once moribund dialogue about political civic affairs in Metro Vancouver. It's actually become interesting. Gone are the days when the Vancouver Sun's Frances Bula, The Courier's Allen Garr and CBC Radio's Stephen Quinn shaped the dialogue with their cute, albeit wildly speculative approach to civic politics. Now there are some new players helping to provide a little more perspective. The 50,000 page views received in its first 6 weeks alone indicate that it might be us.

Maybe the people who are getting paid to do the actual digging on City Hall politics should be trying to find the stories revealing waste, incompetence, and political chicanery – not a handful of volunteers.

The fact is that if it were not for a modicum of due diligence on the part of our lowly research staff here at, most of you would think that Mayor Gregor Robertson, Geoff "Mayor" Meggs, Raymond "Continuous Disclosure" Louie and the rest of the gang re-creating City Hall in their own image were doing a fantastic job! Thanks to a little digging, most City Hall watchers understand that's a complete myth.

If you believe that Geoff "Mayor" Meggs is writing a great blog that is "reflective and open" then go read it. Come here if you actually want to know how Mayor Meggs is running City Hall. If you want to read what else Geoff wants you to read, then crack open Allen Garr's column at the Courier. If you think that Gregor is a sweetheart and no one should lay a glove on him, then fill your boots at Frances' blog.

Today we opened up the mail bag and received this note from a prominent Vancouver leader and business person:

I am writing to express my gratitude for your excellent coverage of civic matters. You are doing a great job and it is much appreciated. I hear references to your site with increasing frequency.

Keep up the good work.

It's not the first kind words we've received. While Frances allows commenters to spew bile about us and others, we take the firm view that the inmates needn't run the asylum. Political dialogue to succeed must be about ideas and facts, and not personal attacks and put downs. This goes for all of our commenters and writers - talk about the issues, save the personal attacks for someone else's blog.

If we're going to get lectured by a semi-retired journalist, it better be on the grounds that we're not revealing the truth, not on what she thinks we should be posting. There are thirty-four months left in this administration, and we thank all of you for joining us for the ride.


Notice the same people bitching about CC are the same people who were bitching about Sam and the NPA for the past 3+ years. I guess they can dish it out but they can't take it.

Boys & girls - you have to get a bit thicker skin if you want to be big league bloggers!

Frances Bula is an excellent journalist who mildly criticized you on pretty good grounds - take it and move on - don't blow a head gasket.

Otherwise it will be a very, very long 3 years!

When Quinlan was doing pretty much the same thing, she fawned over him -- saying she'd miss his "Daily Show humour" and "sharp observations," and calling him a "Boy Wonder."

But when you guys do it, it is "petty and misinformative"

Uhhhh.. Frances, your biases are showing.

Definitely need a thicker skin,indeed if you find my last comment offensive(seeing as you chose to "moderated" it) what's the point of even having comments.

Fox News clone.

Check out!

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