Vision wrestles with "continuous disclosure" promise

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vision vancouver logoKudos to the Courier's Mike Howell for his continuing coverage of the donor disclosure issue. In his story to appear in today's edition of the paper, Howell interviews Vision Vancouver's Marcella Munro about campaign disclosures for the party's mayoral nomination last Spring.

Former Park Board commissioner Al De Genova has apparently not submitted his campaign disclosure statement, as required by rules set out by the party prior to the June 2008 nomination date. All candidates running for the Vision Vancouver mayoral nom signed a document promising to disclose all their donor names and amounts within 30 days of the nomination vote.

Munro reveals to Howell that Vision Vancouver are meeting next week on the subject of Councillor Raymond Louie's disclosure, which remains under wraps despite promises by him to make the details public.

While the party received disclosures from Gregor Robertson's campaign, which he voluntarily disclosed before Election Day in November, and from candidate Raymond "Continuous Disclosure" Louie, De Genova states that he has done everything required of his campaign by the party's rules.

"I don't have any obligation to disclose based on the rules Vision set out for me to run, and I'm playing by the rules," says De Genova noting he regularly disclosed his finances when he was a park board commissioner.

During their term in opposition Vision Vancouver hammered the ruling NPA on the matter of donor disclosure, proposing the idea of "continuous disclosure" which the party said they would abide by.

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Since you don't seem so inclined to include my response from Mr. Howell's article here, I feel compelled to let you know that Mr. De Genova is factually incorrect in his claim.

Our nomination rules were and are very clear about the need to disclose all information to Vision. And when De Genova signed his candidate declaration, he agreed to live by those rules.

After the nomination meeting, we made very clear to him and his campaign team what our expectations are in that regard. Unlike all of the other candidates who ran for nomination with Vision, he hasn't complied, and, so far, is refusing to.

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