Victoria and Halifax nix atheist bus ads

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First we were told that the Atheistbus ads (“There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”) were too controversial. That was a ridiculous rationale because the natural question should be “too controversial for whom?”

And then we were given a much more reasonable response (after all, isn’t the crux of this debate about the exercise and embrace of reason?); that the Halifax Transit Authority and BC Transit prohibit any and all religious and philosophical advertising.

Okay. Fair enough.

But Victoria and Halifax may have fights on their hands. The atheist ads were permitted on Toronto Transit Commission vehicles because to bar the ads would contravene the Ontario Human Rights Code (and yes, there are religious ads on the TTC). Could the same challenge come to BC? According to Statistics Canada, BC has the greatest number of atheists/agnostics in Canada. This represents a formidable population. What if this group rose up en masse and demanded the ads be displayed?

As for Halifax, the campaign says that they will challenge the Halifax Transit Authority’s decision.

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