Vancouver forgets that 2010 games are coming

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City of Vancouver's collective response to 1-year Games milestone

"That's a good question," says Mayor Robertson. "We gotta kick the fun into gear here."

Sometimes you just have to wonder why Mayor Gregor Robertson's people let him talk to the media. At least a deer knows when he's stepped in front of a semi. Take for example the uncomfortable response Gregor gives to CTV's Shannon Patterson on last night's news.

"Tomorrow there isn't big parties all across the city. There's so much energy focused on pulling the Games together, and the venues specifically, so all of the focus has been there in preparing. Unfortunately no work has been done for the big public celebration."

There isn't parties indeed, Mayor. Is it because you blew the budget on your self-congratulatory inauguration that maybe 400 people attended that you have no budget for celebrating this huge milestone for Vancouver? Gregor & his Vision/COPE buddies managed to pull together an $85 thousand dollar party to celebrate himself in less than 2 weeks after Election Day, but he apparently couldn't find time to celebrate the one year countdown 3 months later.

At least little Ken Melamed up in Whistler gets it. He's hosting a great bash today, an outdoor concert with dignitaries and politicians in attendance. And the City of Richmond is hosting a great event today at their new gorgeous skating oval!

How long have we been working on building up to this Olympic party? A decade?

As Paterson points out in her great piece, Beijing had a huge party to celebrate the one-year countdown for their amazing 2008 summer games. Vancouver? Pfft.

Instead, Robertson continues apace talking about problems with the games and the city's financial risks, but now to international media. Nice sales job, Mayor.

Actually, to be fair, Robertson is involved in some sort of acknowledgement of this important anniversary.

At 10am Mayor Gregor Robertson plays floor hockey with Olympic athletes, mascots and students at Lord Strathcona Elementary. Floor hockey? If you think the women's ski jumping is going to have a hard time getting into the Winter games, a stick, a rubber ball and a hardwood floor hasn't got a chance.


Let's hope Comrade Gregor doesn't blunder forward with similarly embarrassing gaffes in front of the cameras during the run-up to the Games.

We already have a self appointed Olympics Media Joke in the form of American Chris Shaw:

- Chief Naysayer
- Chief Whiner
- Chief Underachiever for 2010

memo to Comrade Gregor:

You'd best run to the front of the parade. Other mayors have figured this out.

Great post Mike. Dare I say that 'no fun city' strikes again? Or with the City's budget it 'no fund city'.

Simply can't believe Gregor couldn't find the time to organize even a simple event at City Hall

I'm no party planner, but wouldn't the lack of a party be attributable to the last council? Wouldn't VV only have had time to organize a pretty half-assed event in the past 2.5 months?

Oh wait, this is an NPA blog. Gregor's fault.

Thanks, Jeff. You're right about it being Gregor's fault. Good observation.

In fact, the City of Vancouver, under the dreaded NPA, approved $20 million dollars for celebrations related to the 2010 Games. We wonder how come that fund isn't being used to generate some interest in the City's party. That's enough cash to create something a little better than a floor hockey game.

I would kill to see a $20 million floor hockey game.

My point is, if you wanted a Beijing style 1 year countdown party, planning would need to have been started more than 90 days ago.

Perhaps sometime in the last three years or so would have been sufficient.

Jeff, this blog has nothing to do with the NPA, in fact, I think the owners would love nothing more than to see the NPA fail and flounder, so, your claim holds no water.

As the article mentioned, if Vision/COPE were able to quickly throw together an $85k inauguration party, why was absolutely NOTHING done for this event by Vision/COPE? Not even a wine & cheese party?? Every other part of Metro Vancouver has done some event to mark the occasion, except the host city, Vancouver! And some of those cities also got new Mayors recently, too, yet they somehow managed.

Gregor's lack of response and his constant complaining about cost overruns now to the International media is Amateur Hour! How does a Mayor with a full-time communications firm working for him 24/7 still manage to say the most inane, embarrassing things?

As for Chris Shaw, he is just pissing all over something that a large majority of Vancouverites are proud of: hosting the Winter Olympics. His constant whining is wearing thin fast. He already used up his 15 minutes of fame long ago.

What a waste of space Gregor Robertson is, and a lousy representative for this great city.

And he isn’t even grammatical, for heaven’s sake!! “...there isn’t big parties...”

TVAN. According to the COV website 46% of eligible voters cast votes, and of those, 64% indicated they supported the bid. So, out of the total eligible, less than a third of the population of Vancouver voted to support the Olympics.

No doubt there are others who are supporters who didn't care enough to, or couldn't vote, but still, it's hard to see how there would anywhere near a "large majority" now. I guess I'd be interested to hear how you came up with your assessment.

Democracy is brutal, eh? Only 31% of eligible voters came out in November to elect this council. Does that invalidate their mandate? If so, let's get to work on this.

It's been all gloom and doom news since this party got into power. Nothing fun, fresh, new has come out to celebrate the fact that the Olympics are here in only 1 years time!In fact, let's face it what they're doing with the City's reputation in the news. How does the world now look at the City of Vancouver and all that we stand for and are supposed to support?

I watched last night's news with amazement. The entire country is celebrating the 1 year countdown to the Olympics and Vancouver has taken on a mood of fear, dread and apathy. We couldn't even find enough enthusiasm to hand out cheap and icky celebration cake at city hall.

We are pathetic.

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