Vancouver a no-show at gang violence response meeting

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surrey-gang-response meeting participants has spoken to Surrey city officials and confirmed that no one from Mayor Robertson's office nor his governing caucus attended an urgent meeting of Metro Vancouver mayors and police forces on the gang violence crisis due to a "scheduling conflict." No representatives at all from Vancouver City Hall attended the meeting.

The other person notably missing from this important meeting was Metro Vancouver Chair Lois Jackson. According to our sources, Delta Mayor Jackson is planning a committee meeting to discuss the issue of gang violence sometime in April.

For those who attended from the other cities, it was a united front between the police and elected officials on addressing the open warfare happening on Metro Vancouver's streets.

Today’s meeting of Mayors and representatives of communities impacted by gang violence at Surrey City Hall generated an 11-point list of issues that must be addressed by the Federal and Provincial governments in response to the recent gang violence in the region. Mayor Watts asked other Metro Vancouver mayors to join her on a visit to Ottawa to press for stepped up Federal support for battling gang crime.

Again, we have to ask ourselves why isn't a leader of Ms. Watts calibre not the chair of the Metro Vancouver regional government?

UPDATE: We have now confirmed that the Mayor was a no-show at the gang violence meeting this morning because he had to attend a photo-op with Quatchi and Sumi at the new Olympic curling rink. 


During the election campaign I proposed an integrated gun task force cutting across all different policing agencies in the lower mainland to crack down on the flood of handguns pouring across the border.

While Olympic security officials appear more preoccupied with Olympic protesters, people are dying on our streets. What kind of security is that?

Sean Bickerton

It sickens me to learn that Mayor Greg leaves a Council meeting earlier in the week to do a photo op at a killing in East Vancouver ... then later does another photo op with a bunch of fur balls, whilst other civic leaders try to deal with this headache.

Where are Mayor Greg's priorities?

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