Vancouver tax hike could hit over three times rate of inflation

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Taxes. Taxes. Taxes. It's that time of the year for many city governments across Canada. They are preparing preliminary drafts of their budgets and asking the public for input into what priorities should be funded.

In BC, a number of cities are looking at imposing big hikes on their residential taxpayers over the coming weeks. It's not easy to track down what the proposed 2009 tax increases are for each municipality because there simply isn't a database with that kind of information. Lucky for you, our crack research team has tracked down a few of the proposed tax increases for a number of cities in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

If you are faint of heart, please don't go too far down the list:

City budgets must be balanced, hence, there may be a bit of tweaking on these numbers over the coming weeks. Given the rate of inflation is around 3%, only the city of Delta is coming anywhere close to that target. For the sake of taxpayers, let's hope a few elected officials sharpen their pencils before the final budgets are passed.


Categorically ridiculous that the notion is "pay up, suckers" rather than that the civic government say "this is a priority; this can't be" to hold the line on expenses (and hence taxes).

Those who can't wrap their heads around that are on my list of people who, no matter how good they are, will never again receive my vote.

I have to live within a budget. They can, too.

Raising taxes 10% at a time when people can barely pay mortgages or rent will only make a bad situation worse.

TAXES TAXES, TAXES!! Enough already. If City Caucus' projections on the tax increases slated for Metro Vancouver are correct the Vancouver taxpayer is in for a big shock!

It is long past time these free spending politicians of ours got with the times. Do they know we are in a recession, that people are losing their jobs & that the good times have been replaced by "tough times"???? It is high time they showed some awareness of the serious problems facing our economy & tailored their profligate spending to it. RESTRAINT, RESTRAINT, RESTRAINT should be the watchword of the day!
I fear a good old fashioned tax revolt is in the offing. There is only so much the tax payer can & should shoulder. Our city politicians don't seem to have any idea that their unbridled spending is a recipe for disaster. Maybe they should get their collective heads out of the sand & realize the enormous burden they are creating for the current & future citizens of the city. As they prepare the budget, they should prioritize, focussing on proper delivery of ESSENTIAL services & eliminate entirely the frivolous/ pie in the sky items from the budgeting process.

Perhaps a few articles on the subject of how tax revolts come about would serve them well as they deliberate.

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