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Our staff's Friday night pizza party here at CityCaucus Towers erupted into high fives and cheers when we heard Geoff 'Mayor' Meggs say the following:

"The only person I've heard complaining about it is the former Chief of Staff of the last mayor."

Geoff's only partly right about that. It was yours truly who raised the issue of the lacklustre response from the City of Vancouver at the one-year countdown to the 2010 Games, not the former Chief of Staff. But that's a quibble. We're just glad to hear that Hizonner is listening. A bunch of poorly paid staff researchers went home that evening finally feeling that their hard work and dedication had paid off.

That's now 2 leading members of the Vision caucus to mention us in the media. Gregor Robertson did it last month. Now if only Raymond Louie could mention us publicly our staff might complain less about working weekends.

For our valued email subscribers, here's a link to the CTV story featuring the interview with Meggs.


Comrade General Secretary Meggs must have known that a party had been organized; but it was for Vancouver's Politburo (selectively, all except one) and not for the Proletariat.

We ain't seen nothin' yet.

Mr. Cobb,

Turn that frown upside down, the big City-organized one-year-to-go celebration is on the 19th and YOU are invited:


This is the party that caps off the week of Olympic celebrations/ complaining. So get ready to convert all that political angst into fun for the whole family!

Comrades Meggs & Robertson had nooooo problemo finding $85K to have a "welcome the New Mayor Party".

Seems the Olympics are in a different funding criteria boat that they won't float.

Sounds like there is a party coming...did CCaucus know about the parks board party (posted on the web with the link above)?? or are they trying to make headlines like above..
This (to me) is malicious whining...I am wondering if there really is a city caucus "tower" that uses several floors...who is financing it...while at the same time admittedly paying their staff low wages..that has been mentioned alot here..! Did I miss it or when is CCaucus going to start some coverage seeking action with the gang crime and shoot outs taking place in the streets...That may be more productive than worrying about the next olympic party..

I guess Mr. Meggs and his B.C.Fed buddies who thought a party would be to expensive and hate to see people having fun at an non-union planned event like they did at the one year celebration in Whistler. I'm sure Vision and their pet COPEsters will find all the money they need for their pet projects that are coming soon to a neighbourhood near you.

Ummm, Jamie...please look up the word "irony" when referring to any of the self-references that our amusing editors put out about their digs, champagne swilling, etc...

Speaking of "digs' the long faces at VV cannot spoil the party for the majority of Vancouverites who will have a swell time from now till the Olympics close. And thank the deity of your choice, but the economic activity generated by tourists, journalists, athletes, the Olympic family, etc. may be the best thing that could happen here during the recession. Which would be funny because Meggsy might have to crack a smile, instead of looking like he has his own head up his arse.

By the way, when you look at Olympic venues that re losers, look at the Summer Games---not the Winter Games. Salt Lake City and Lillehammer, amongst winter venues, had a good result in revenues, expenditures and long term tourism boosts to the economy.

An aside; I was most heartened to read that our shame, the DTES and all it's advocates, are getting a bit of a rogering in the Globe and Mail. Speaking of budgets, lets get all the well funded non-profits down there (who stay in their offices most days, instead of mingling with the down-and-out that they purport to represent) to open their books to the light of day.

And instead of supporting the status quo, I would like to see David Eby lead the charge on that.

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