Louie not required to disclose donors, says Chief Electoral Officer

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On Monday, we broke the story that Vision Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie may not have to publicly disclose who donated the tens of thousands of dollars toward his failed leadership campaign. According to legal advice obtained by CityCaucus.com, a loophole in the Vancouver Charter, the legislation governing the City, allows the Councillor to keep his donors under wraps - permanently.

In an interview with CityCaucus.com, Marg Coulson, Acting Chief Electoral Officer for the City of Vancouver confirms that Louie is not under any obligation to reveal his leadership campaign donors. 

"Someone who ran for a leadership campaign is required to keep a record of their donors, but they are not required to disclose them," says Coulson. Given this interpretation of the law, we may never know who provided Louie with the funds to run his campaign.

It has been estimated that Louie raised in excess of $100,000 when he ran against both Mayor Gregor Robertson and former Park Commissioner Al DeGenova for the leadership of his party. Despite previously committing to openness and disclosure, Louie has refused to provide the public with a complete list of who financed his campaign.

According to Louie, the obligation to disclose his donors rests with the Vision Vancouver party brass. To date they have refused to make this information public. It's a case of "transparency amnesia" according to the Courier's City Hall watcher Mike Howell.

Councillor Louie provided Vision Vancouver with a complete disclosure of his donors sometime last year.


Perhaps someone could "leak" Comrade Louie's donor list. After all, Vision doesn't seem to mind leaks at City Hall. Besides, a leak is not likely to be investigated unless, possibily it is harmful to Vision's cause. And who could imagine a councilor more deserving of being exposed than Comrade Louie?

Perhaps Louie would release his information if Sam Sullivan ever released his list from the many large ticket fundraisers he had when he was Mayor.

Where did that money go anyway?


"Mayor Sam Sullivan has banked roughly the same amount ($250,000) through a series of fundraisers, he said, one in May at the Southlands home of Vancouver businessman Lorne Segal, and another last week that drew 32 people, paying $5,000 each."

I don't care whether or not Louie is "required" to disclose those donations. He made a promise to full disclosure during the election, and now he is doing a 180. This is just one of many broken promises we'll be seeing from this gang over the next few years, no doubt.

Margie, News Flash, Sam Sullivan is no longer Mayor and he didn't promise to release that info as Louie did. Strawman.

Disgusting behaviour.

We, the people, demand that Councillor Louie release his full donor list and live up to the tenets of transparency and decency in government that he and VV demanded and campaigned under.

Louie's motion made me laugh. It's full of bad grammar, redundancy and blather! Did he write it while standing on a bus? Or perhaps some minion in the Mayor's Office, a more recent victim of our school system? Talk about pompous.

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