Kerr vs Ladner - round one begins next week

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Kim Kerr in handcuffs
Kim Kerr with VPD. Photo: Vancouver Sun

Former Vancouver mayoral candidate Peter Ladner is going to get his day in court. Next week the case of Kerr vs. Ladner will be heard by a judge. Kerr is suing Ladner for liable libel.

You may recall the case pertains to an alleged death threat that Kim Kerr, Executive Director of the Downtown Eastside Association (DERA) made to former City Councillor Elizabeth Ball. Kerr vehemently denies he ever did such a thing.

In 2007 Ladner read the following statement in the Chamber:

"Anyone who has witnessed the inexcusable behaviour of people closely associated with DERA, and encouraged by DERA, at recent public events should understand why the city would not want to be endorsing such actions through granting funding to DERA."

After Ladner made that statement, Kerr filed a lawsuit against him. There were more than a few people who thought this would never make it to trial, but lo and behold, it's going to court next week.

It is likely that city taxpayers are picking up the tab for Ladner's legal bills, while it is assumed Kerr is paying out of his own pocket.


"Kerr is suing Ladner for liable."

Do you mean "libel"? :) Or that someone is liable to be sued? :)

(Sorry, pet peeve of mine :))

thanks for eagle eye...good catch!

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