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Our CityCaucus.com marketing team has won another victory with the addition of our new poll question feature. If you take a gander over at the right hand side of our blog you'll find it under the twitter symbol.

The inaugural question relates to whether Vancouver's Vision party executive should release all of the donor information related to Councillor Raymond Louie's unsuccessful bid to become leader.

"Our Executive team was pretty convinced after our marketing folks made a pretty glitzy Power Point presentation about how poll questions could help further increase our overall web traffic," says Mike Klassen, co-founder of CityCaucus.com. "Our poll question is the latest unique feature to be added to Canada's fastest growing urban affairs blog."

The poll question allows readers to view the results without necessarily having to vote. It also includes special security features to ensure you only get to vote once! It goes without saying that the poll results are completely non-scientific, but they're always fun to read.

"We also want the poll to reflect the interests of our readers," says Klassen. "That's why we're encouraging everyone to give us suggestions on what they think the question of the day should be."

To submit your suggested question of the day, email to citycaucus@gmail.com.

In the last two months, CityCaucus.com also successfully launched a new "tip line" for public servants and citizens to anonymously report wasteful spending as well as a new NW on FM facebook site.


PLEASE improve the instructions for using your new Poll feature. If you want to increase traffic, remove traffic roadblocks! Adopt the philosophy: Write instructions from the point of view of a first-time user!

Keep up your good work!


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