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Vancouver is in a flap about chickens, and local media are really pecking away at this story. Jeff Hodson over at Metro reports on the chickens, and so does News1130 cover the story on our feathered friends.

The crack news team at the mighty CKNW dishes up the chicken story, and the very fine Catherine Pope covers the bird beat for GlobalTV (video featured here). Good to see that Mayor Robertson wants a chicken in every backyard, although he might want to note the differences between Kingsway and Cortes Island.

GlobalTV has gone one better and posted a comments page on their website forum about the urban chickens story.

One of our readers points out that having your own supply of eggs in the backyard comes with a price. For every one ton of chicken produced another 5-6 tons of feed is required. We'll all be driving back and forth in our cars to get bags of feed to keep the fowl well nourished, increasing the carbon footprint of the city, natch.

Now that's Vision for you! I'm sure our garbage collection guys in Vancouver Engineering will also have something to say about picking up bird carcasses. Maybe we'll need a new garbage container (with a red lid?) where households can dispose of the expired birds.

This might produce a fowl odor during warm summer days in Vancouver's back alleys, where residents will soon be occupying laneway homes.

This story is definitely taking flight, and the research team is just getting cracking on it!

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