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A new program will be premiering on CBC and it looks quite promising. The show is entitled “Living City: A Critical Guide” and it airs  on Thursday, Feb 5th at 8 pm. We at CityCaucus.com will be tuning in to see if the show is as interesting as the trailer makes it out to be. We also want to hear from you what you think.

The host of the show is a fellow by the name of Christopher Hume. Here's what he has to say about the CBC's foray into the world of living in Canada's big cities:

"Eighty per cent of Canadians live in urban regions, and unless we recognize that the health of a city, its well being, is vital to our way of life, Canada will never realize its full potential.”

We can only hope the show doesn't focus too heavily on the centre of the world, and simply cover stories about life in Toronto and it's neighbouring suburbs...sorry Eric. If it delves into the issues that make all of our big cities the vibrant, exciting and lively places they are to live, it will be a great success.

Here is a statement about the new show from host Hume:

"Unbeknownst to the vast majority of Canadians, Canada has turned urban, emphatically and overwhelmingly urban. More than 80 percent of us now live in towns and cities. And yet we still like to think of ourselves as a people defined by the landscape, the great white north.

Despite this, perhaps because of it, Canadian cities struggle to provide the services expected of them, whether that means collecting garbage and fixing potholes or running schools and public transit systems. Politically weak and economically starved, they must operate within a culture of civic impoverishment.

In our system, cities are creatures of the provinces, often unable to enact necessary measures without their approval. This no longer makes sense, if it ever did. The City of Toronto, for example, has a budget bigger than all but four provinces.

Are our cities prepared for the harsh new realities of the 21st century? Some will fare better than others, but there's much to be done."

We note that the "links" portion of their website is a bit weak, and hopefully they will expand it over time. If you're going to do a segment on cities, I think placing the Bombardier link under the title of Vancouver is a bit odd when you forget to include a site like Frances Bula's City States, or other great sites devoted to civic affairs *wink*.

They are also encouraging their viewers to vote for their "favourite large Canadian city". So don't forget to vote once, and vote often.


Looks very interesting! I'm sure Vancouver will get the attention it deserves being that the Olympics will be here in a year.

Stop calling Toronto the center of the world. It's not. The term is an ill conceived lie crafted by a creatively impoverished PR schmuck to make himself feel better about his environment. I've lived in many cities across Canada and in the US. Sure, Toronto has some weird and wonderful attributes but it is certainly not all that and a bag of chips.

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