Why Jody Andrews left City Hall

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jody andrewsYoung, good-natured, ultra-competent and beloved by co-workers, Jody Andrews is a human resources godsend who quite literally embodied the future of the City's greying civil service. Considered a miracle-worker who refused to believe the doubters who didn't think Vancouver could build the Southeast False Creek project in time for the City's celebratory 2010 Olympic Games, Jody remained confident to the end. But he had enough.

Inside sources close to Andrews, who is not speaking publicly at this time, say that Jody has been very candid with friends why he left City Hall. It was, according to these sources, because of "being treated like crap" by the City's new administration run by Vision Vancouver, Mayor Gregor Robertson, and his hand-picked City Manager Penny Ballem.

CityCaucus.com broke the story last night at 7:15pm of Mr. Andrews resignation from the Deputy City Manager's position. Now tongues are wagging about who might fill Jody's rather large shoes. According to CityCaucus.com's HR Supervisor, the new Deputy City Manager must be a good communicator, have strong ties to the City Manager, and must work year-round, even during the Christmas holidays, to be anywhere near the match of the hard-working Andrews. Let's hope they can find someone who fits the bill.

The last word on the untimely loss of Jody Andrews as one of the City's leaders can be summed up by a CityCaucus.com commenter:

This is a tremendous loss to the City. Jody Andrews is the best manager the City has ever had in recent history and had the unique gift of bringing out the best in his staff...

I voted for you Gregor, and I cannot put into words how angry and disappointed I am in your performance thus far. You have done this City and its taxpayers a tremendous disservice by putting your own political ambitions ahead of your community.


Jody was a decent guy.

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For the future, this means that every 3 years we can expect a house cleaning at city hall of key administrative jobs. This is the end of an era - the end of the professional, neutral bureaucracy that has served the citizens so well all these years.

No longer are appointments to senior positions based on competency and experience. They will be based on political affiliations.

Am I the only one, while upset about this whole olympic village fiasco, that is more upset about the insertion of provincial politics into our city council?

Jody is a good man, has good ethics and has morales. This current council is making themselves the laughing stock of the country! This is totally embarassing! So much political mud slinging..it's a joke! I feel sorry for those employees that have to work in that environment.

Sounds like Jody was a good guy..but Jody QUIT....he wasnt fired or let go...perhaps he had "power struggle" issues with his new boss,,,,not un common....in these situations...in any event...he quit!!
I still say though that the replacement of Judy Rogers was the best thing that could have happened at city hall...now as for the olympic village - where is the City Caucus headlines about the "Saturday Ram Through Session" ...
I am looking forward to seeing how this site plays that one without bias!!

The clean-up of the management team at the City is part of the turn over process that private sector organizations go through when they fail to meet targets and objectives - with the intensity of the Olympic project the staff at the City are just getting used to this level of accountability.

Andrews enjoyed the public point position when all was great and he could present the high and lofty goals of sustainability etc. but when the tough got going and the public wanted accountability (including his own report and suggestions that all was fine) then he hid behind the veil that he was not responsible for the financials.

A new management regime is needed with better management skills at the City -for those at the City who are uncomfortable and want the old way sustained by the likes of Andrews should look elsewhere for employment and allow new talent and approaches.

Not sure what the market for ex-deputy city managers/project managers who have misled the public and mismanaged projects of this size is but Andrews should get ready for a much higher level of accountability with less job protection if he wants to venture out to the private sector after 18 years of city life....

This article is soooo subtle and I love the descriptions of Mr. Andrews. "Ultra competent" "human resources Godsend" "embodied the future" "considered a miracle worker". I am sure he is a good man but really this sounds like you are writing about Julie Andrews not Jody Andrews.

Nice try but the NPA still needs to accept some (or maybe all) responsibility for this current mess.

Must be hard to be gregarious,
Many issues little disclosure,
It's enough to make a pretty face,
Contract, wince and lose composure.

Recent weather caused what to freeze?
Not your pay or the village cost,
All of this just smells like cheese,
And your words just seem like exhaust.

But your example (Ottawa's on strike),
Bike riding and avoiding collision,
Won't stop you implementing a tax hike,
(Will that go down with Cope & Vision)?

Mr. Mayor are you a finger pointer,
"None of this my fault," you say,
"The bad past, present and the future,
Can be layed at the feet of the NPA."

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