Vision's Olympic-sized tailspin

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vision vancouver logoWe have to credit the tireless work of Charlie Smith on so many City Hall topics once again. We recommend readers take a look at the Georgia Straight blog, where Charlie has found the smoking gun that proves the kind of media spin weasels Vancouverites have elected to run the City. He's found the actual document from 2002 that committed the City to finishing the Olympic Village. One, he notes, that the City refused to put on the their website.

Further, reporter Frances Bula has uncovered an email circulating today sent to Vision backroom apparatchiks (who look strikingly like NDP operatives, but I digress...) where some are beginning to wonder if they've made a mess of this whole file. Ah...yes you have.

It's hard to believe that we have another 34 1/2 months of this stuff ahead. Fasten on your seatbelts.

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I just want to make sure I understand the gist here: that Vision/Cope are at fault for failing to warn Vancouver taxpayers before the 2003 plebiscite about the potential pitfalls of an agreement signed by the NPA?

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