Tempers flare at Ottawa city council over transit strike

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A report from the Ottawa citizen indicates that although the temperature outside may be hovering at -30 celcius, the temperature inside City Hall is heating up.

As the transit strike wears on, and people's patience wears thin, a recent Council meeting turned into something worthy of a Friday night pay-per-view. Here is an excerpt from the Citizen:

Innes Councillor Rainer Bloess said he wanted to publicly chastise Capital Councillor Clive Doucet who has recently been critical of Mayor Larry O’Brien’s handling of the strike and wants the city to change its strategy completely.

“I’m going to defend his right speak out because he can make himself look stupid, and we’re doing to point out how dumb he is,” Mr. Bloess said.

The highlight of the meeting had to be when union boss Andre Cornellier, ATU Local 279 arrived in the chamber and received a thunderous applause from the over 200 union members attending the public meeting. Now just imagine if the union's negotiating team was forced to hold their meetings in public like the councillors. Boy, I'd really pay money to see that one!

It would appear that the union's efforts to divide and conquer the Ottawa Council may be gaining some traction.  Let's see how long both sides can hold it together before one of them folds. Unfortunately, lost is all this 'entertainment' are the tens of thousands of folks who've have their lives turned upside down due to a lack of transit service.

I have good money on the fact this strike will go about 2 months, before one side finally caves. Only time will tell.

1 Comment

Sounds like Ottawa (or the province) is lacking essential service legislation and that council is split and therefore impotent.

This is the sort of thing that will cost the mayor his job at the next election.

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