Former City Manager should have her gag clause revoked

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Gag me!Amidst all the chaos otherwise known as Vancouver City Hall these days, I received an email from a friend of mine who posed a very simple question. She states "Why would a civic government who claims to be so concerned about openness and transparency put a gag on Judy Rogers?"

That email got me thinking, why can't we hear from the former City Manager? What is it that Vancouver City Council doesn't want the media and citizens of Vancouver to know about? Surely there is no justifiable reason that Judy Rogers is presumably not being allowed to speak to the media and give her side of the story.  How does her silence help shed any light on the Olympic Village issue or support the government's efforts at openness and transparency?

All we know is Rogers is gone, and that she has received a severance package. But why does the Mayor and Council not want her to speak? As the former City Manager, it would be expected that she could shed a lot more light on this file than almost anyone left at City Hall.

Vancouver Council re-convenes on Tuesday. If they are committed to openness and transparency, then why not pass a simple motion requesting that any restrictions placed on Judy Rogers be lifted immediately? Only then can the citizens of Vancouver be assured that all the facts related to this controversy are properly tabled and open to public scrutiny.

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Gag orders; are very common in these types of scenarios that involve severance packages...As an employee of the City I can only say that Ms Rogers has cost the city taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in sending simple issues from grievance all the way to the arbritration process, which is extremely costly!! The problem is according to public record; is the previous managers judgment in these matters was found to be "wrong" by the arbitrator 96% of the time ..another way to state this; is she could have saved the taxpayers these sums of $$ by using her knowledge and years of experience as a city manager to correctly interpret the "litigious contract language" and save the taxpayers money! These "issues" I would assume are also part of the gag order you refer to, and as such it may be a good idea to keep them if it all came out would just add more mud and fog to the current "village fiasco" which is fast spiralling out of control...The managers of our great city have an onus to protect the interests of the taxpayer, as best as possible and this new team of elected and appointed officials has a great deal of work to do in regards to the olympic village and protecting taxpayers wallets...the sad thing is, is that the time and energy for this 1 project is taking away so much from the other issues in our city ;

I guess its a great time to be a journalist!

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