Snow in T.O.

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Snow: TowerUnlike the fair denizens of Vancouver, Torontonians are accustomed to heavy snowfalls (although there was that one winter when former Mayor Mel Lastman embarrassed the whole city; but Toronto did break records). Last winter was furious and this winter appears to be shaping up to be the same.

The budget for snow clearing is now $80 million. Last year, the budget was $63 million but near-record breaking snowfall pushed the amount spent to $85 million.

And while Vancouverites wrestle with unplowed side streets, Toronto side streets are plowed after 8 centimeters of snow accumulates.


Careful, Frances Bula will remind you of our distinctly British-Canadian spelling...

Uh, I still don't understand why Mel "embarrassed" Toronto when he called out the Army. Damn, I wish Robertson had done that a couple of these past few days... course, he was a little busy with Pina Coladas.

Lets be fair, the budget in Toronto is how much...oh thats millionssss
80-85 mill....
I guess our side streets would be cleared to for that much...would the vancouverites pay more taxes for more snow machines??? I bet they would say....umm no with a big BUT in there reasoning too.....

The typical snow removal budget is just over $63 million for Metro Toronto, but the city's footprint is 630 square kilometres, and Vancouver's is 114 sq km, or less than 20%. A ten million dollar budget for snow removal would be very high by Vancouver standards, but as these snow events happen every 10-12 years a contingency might be made for this kind of expense.

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