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We wouldn't be considered Canadian here at unless we admitted how proud we were that our American cousins profiled our little upstart blog in one of their major dailies. 

Ron Judd, Seattle Times columnist said:

"Other city pundits have had a field day skewering rookie Mayor Gregor Robinson, who — how's this for bad timing? — was vacationing in Cancun during most of what the Web site has dubbed "Snowmageddon."

Our public relations department headquartered in our Toronto satellite office was tickled pink that the Americans were paying us any attention. One senior staffer even said "this article in the Seattle Times about is equivalent to all the media coverage we've had in Canada to date."

Although we at the Vancouver head office don't necessarily share with the sentiments of our Toronto PR staff, we do realize that this American coverage will help to justify our planned trip to meet with the editorial board of the NY Times.

As they say, if you do something and the Americans don't report it, did it really happen? From all of us at, a big thank you to the Seattle Times!


Congrats! Too bad they got Gregor's name wrong. Oh well who cares as he can't run this city anyways.

Good for you on getting the well-deserved notice. Keep it up!

(PS - do you think if Mayor "Robinson" brought the rest of his Swiss Family to help they could complete the Village in a couple days with the help of monkeys?)

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