Robertson deserves kudos for sticking close to developers

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gregor-in-whiteSome might say has been a little hard on rookie Mayor Gregor Robertson, but we think he got it right earlier this week when he appointed a group of developers to become his senior advisors on the Olympic Village file. The vote to create the advisory group was a unanimous decision of council.

I recognize many of the names around that table, and they will most certainly help the Mayor wade through the complicated process of ensuring the Olympic Village is built on time.

It would be prudent for the Mayor to stay close to this group over the coming months, and to heed their sage advice. I'm told one of the first items on their agenda will be to ask the Mayor to rein in some of his political vipers, and begin toning down all the rhetoric and hyperbole surrounding this controversy. We couldn't agree more.

As one local developer so eloquently put it, "none of this partisan bickering is doing a damn thing to get this project completed."

Our flies on the wall plan to be at as many of the advisory meetings as possible. Stay tuned for upcoming reports.

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