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Andrea ReimerWhile the Mayor and his spinmeisters were busy shouting 'the sky is falling, the sky is falling" regarding the South East False Creek development, one member of the Vision caucus courageously asked for her colleagues to stop all the finger pointing.

I had the pleasure of watching a portion of the so-called public meeting [where no member of the public were actually allowed to speak or ask questions of Council or City staff] held yesterday at Vancouver City Hall.

Besides having to watch the Mayor painstakingly read through his prepared speaking notes, the highlight had to be Councillor Reimer's plea to her colleagues to take a more reasoned approach toward the Olympic Village debate.

After noting that she had campaigned against Vancouver hosting the Olympic Games, Reimer told Council:

“My hope is that we stop the blaming, get on with financing the project in what ever way that we can find to finance it and get it done,"

It was at that precise moment when a collective applause broke out at the corporate campus of Our staff, many of whom were glued to their computer screens, simply couldn't believe what they were witnessing.

What a refreshing change. A member of Vancouver Council who was actually prepared to stop the blame game, and get on with making the Olympic Village project a success. We can only hope she doesn't face the wrath of her colleagues at their next closed door caucus meeting.

On behalf of the CityCaucus team we say kudos to Councillor Reimer. Hopefully some of your level-headed approach on this matter will rub off on the Mayor's office.

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I too would like to applaud Andrea Reimer for her comments at the meeting. They were most timely and appreciated.

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