No surprise here, Ottawa transit strike set to drag on for a while longer

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As predicted here last week, it appears that Ottawa's transit workers have given the big thumbs down to Mayor Larry's latest offer to settle the strike. This strike is now officially the longest strike in Ottawa history.

2,353 transit workers were eligible to vote, while only 1,516 actually cast their ballot. The final vote was 75% opposed to the City's offer.

I was in Ottawa earlier this week and can report the strike is wearing very thin with Ottawa residents. The morning and afternoon rush hours are simply gridlock with the the downtown core resembling more like a parking lot.

During my brief visit, I heard from a parent who was uncertain as to how much longer he could hold together child care arrangements if the strike lasted much beyond another week.

As for Mayor Larry, he did step away from the bargaining table long enough to tell the Ottawa Sun "they rejected a fair and reasonable offer which includes the best economic package the city could offer under the current economic situation."

Recent polling indicates the public thinks the City's offer is fair, but their assessment of Ottawa's handling of the labour dispute is another matter. Expect that this strike will drag on for a while longer.

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Notice something in that picture? Yes, the snow is cleared at the bus stop. What a concept!

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