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The Olympic village is a billion-dollar project, and the city taxpayers are on the hook for all of it.” — Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

The Hook, a Tyee Blog

An open letter to Geoff Dembicki, editor of The Hook, a Tyee Blog.

Dear Geoff,

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson recently said the City of Vancouver is "on the hook" for a billion dollar blunder. We were wondering whether was going to be on the hook, too? As in The Hook, your special section of devoted to politics and political issues. I cannot locate an email address for you at The Tyee website, so I hope you don't mind this digital smoke signal from

The Tyee has always strived to be an non-mainstream source of news and commentary, particularly on political matters here in British Columbia. It is probably the province's most-widely read source of online alternative media. The Tyee has boldly strived to be a place of free and open debate of important topics of the day, and advocated for alternative viewpoints to counterweight big media.

You currently feature Frances, 24Hrs Irwin Loy, (who both hail from mainstream media) and a few of your regular stable of in-house writers. You even have a category dedicated to municipal politics that we would feel very at home in.

So whaddya think? We have our share of progressive writing, maybe just enough to meet thetyee's discerning standards, from Tim Louis, Eric Mang and even some of our sustainability pieces.

I just thought I'd wave madly so you'd notice us.

Best regards,

Mike Klassen

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Thanks for the invitation! Here at The Tyee, which publishes The Hook political news blog, we're pleased to see CityCaucus up and running with a lot of interesting anlysis and commentary. Be assured frequent Hook editor Geoff Dembicki and the rest of us Tyeesters read you. We will no doubt blog your blog and credit you from time to time. That seems the right way to pay notice to the good work you're doing, as the posts I read on CityCaucus tend to be written as opinion pieces, and not the straighter news format we go for on The Hook. I'm not saying we always play it perfectly straight, but that's what we are striving for, and why we call it a news blog. So whenever you find or make news, please don't hesitate to alert us. Cheers and thanks for strengthening Vancouver's independent media scene.

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