Breaking News: Millennium completion guarantee "not moved by NPA"

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2 comments's Daniel Fontaine speaking on the Bill Good Show this morning revealed that the contentious "completion guarantee" decision in June 2007 for the Fortress/Millennium financing for the Olympic Village was "not moved by an NPA Councillor."

"The public cannot know exactly what the decisions Council made without access to the minutes of those in-camera meetings," says Fontaine. "I challenge the Mayor to live up to his promise of openness and transparency and reveal to the public the minutes relating to those decisions at the earliest opportunity."



Your claim is seemingly contradicted by Gary Mason in today's Globe:

Out of that meeting, the Non-Partisan Association party majority on council agreed to provide Fortress with the loan guarantee and a completion guarantee, obligating the city to complete the project in the event Millennium was unable to. That also meant the city would be responsible for paying the Fortress loan in the event Millennium defaulted.

Councillors for Vision Vancouver and the Committee for Progressive Electors voted against approving the loan and completion guarantees.....

I say "seemingly" because to move a motion at a meeting is not the same thing as to vote for it. Motions are occasionally tabled by people who intend to vote against them.

Note the call for full transparency on this file and the release of those meeting minutes. It might be easier for all of us to understand the decision making then.

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