Mayor Scissorhands can't be trusted with cash, says NDP MLA

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It's official, the legislators in Victoria have completed their marathon 20-hour debate on whether Vancouver should be allowed to borrow funds at a lower interest rate to help complete the Olympic Village project.

Rather than pouring over nearly a day's worth of video from the Leg', we thought we'd provide you with the Cole's Notes version of what the opposition had to say:

Sam Sullivan and the NPA evil. Former NDP MLA and now Mayor Gregor Robertson good.

Trust us when we say getting a root canal is more fun than watching this stuff.

Persuading our staff to come in to watch all 20 hours, when the temperatures on the local slopes were hitting 15C was pretty tough. If we paid overtime it could have added up.

The award for Best Olympic Village Debate Quote has to go to NDP MLA Leonard Krog when he equated approving borrowing power to Mayor Robertson and his Council colleagues as "giving scissors to a small child."

Ouch...that one hurts. Especially coming from one of Robertson's former caucus colleagues. Maybe they should serve decaf in the Leg' cafeteria.

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