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1 comment bash sound and lighting check
Sound & lighting checks underway for Wednesday's launch

Our staff at headquarters are working evenings and weekends in a full court press getting ready for Wednesday's "official" launch. True to form, no expense is being spared.

The kick-off bash is taking place at an undisclosed but very recognizable downtown Vancouver hotspot, and the RSVPs for our A-list invitees are streaming in. If the Vision Council thinks it can outspend on their inauguration bash, they've got another thing coming! We'll have 3 times the catering staff alone.

Joining us for the celebration will be former COPE Councillor Tim Louis (1999-2005). He's busy finalizing his guest editorial which will appear right here on Canada's newest urban affairs blog.

Many of you will recall that Mr. Louis was an outspoken Vancouver City Councillor and never pulled any punches when it came to his political rivals. He's not planning to hold anything back with his upcoming guest editorial which will feature his personal scorecard by which "progressive" voters can judge the success of Vancouver's new Council. Here's a sneak peek of what he has to say:

"In the 1970's a new municipal party swept to power! TEAM, The Electors Action Movement, accomplished many things - some good; some not so good. One of the good things was the adoption of a compressed work week for all City Hall employees. Employees continued to work the same number of hours per week but spread over fewer days. Benefits? For citizens, easier access to City Hall which was now open for longer hours. For the environment? Reduced greenhouse gas emissions as employees commuted to work fewer days. For workers’ families? More days off to spend together - all of this at no cost to the tax payer. When the NPA came back to power, they arbitrarily and without negotiation got rid of the compressed week. In the 2002 campaign, COPE promised to bring back the compressed work week. This promise is still outstanding and is more important than ever given global warming."

We also plan to announce the addition of a NEW West Coast feature columnist to the roster this week. This person is outspoken, opinionated, well-recognized and no stranger to the citizens of Metro Vancouver. And, you'll have to check us out later this week to find out who our new columnist is. We don't think you'll be disappointed!

So back to preparing for the big celebration. Our ice sculpture featuring the busts of several famous mayors is going to be massive!! Thankfully there's lots of unshoveled snow on hand to keep it from melting.

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OK, you guys are pretty damn funny, even if I didn't care for your choice of standard-bearer.

A little self-referential, self-parodying writing may even save you from the eternal hell-fires of damnation. Ah, no...

But gee, maybe we can all kiss and make up...let's give 'em something to REALLY talk about!

Best of luck with the site and give 'er!! High five!

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