Breaking News: Jody Andrews, Olympic Village Project Manager to leave City

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city of vancouver logoJody Andrews, Vancouver's Deputy City Manager & Project Manager for the Southeast False Creek, has stepped down from his position and left the City as of tonight.

Andrews met late today with City Manager Penny Ballem. After this, a tersely worded email from Ms. Ballem was sent out to Council and the Corporate Management Team thanking Mr. Andrews for his 18 years of service to Vancouver, and wishing him well for future endeavours.

As we first reported here at, there will be more senior managers on their way out over the coming weeks.

Quoting an inside source at City Hall, "Good governments get rid of bad people, and bad governments get rid of good people. Jody was one of the good guys."

It has been rumoured Andrews would have to take responsibility for the difficulties facing the SEFC project. Last Monday, reported that an unscheduled Council in-camera meeting called by the Mayor took place where personnel matters were discussed.

It's also interesting to note that Mr. Andrews departure has been timed for when Mayor Robertson is out of town, away from further questions and media scrutiny.

The brown envelopes are coming in faster than our clerks can open them up. Stay tuned to


The resignation of Jody Andrews is an enormous loss to the City of Vancouver. He was one of the City's greatest assets and is a tremendous talent.This will not be easy to recover from. The current regime has done the citizens of Vancouver a great disservice in its handling of the SEFC Village since taking office. It has acted rashly for the sake of short term political interests and in doing so is jeopardizing some of the City's core functions through the dramatic and untimely departures of integral City staff. I wish Jody Andrews all the best for the future. He is most certainly one of the good guys.

This is a tremendous loss to the City. Jody Andrews is the best manager the City has ever had in recent history and had the unique gift of bringing out the best in his staff. The SEFC Project is less likely to break even with his departure, and City Council is going to have much more difficult time protecting the interests of the City.

However, for the next organization who is blessed to hire him on, you will undoubtedly have your selection of not only an incredible leader, but those other bright lights at the City who are now incredibly disenchanted and looking for new opportunities.

I voted for you Gregor, and I cannot put into words how angry and disappointed I am in your performance thus far. You have done this City and its taxpayers a tremendous disservice by putting your own political ambitions ahead of your community.

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