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GlobalTV BC News are doing good coverage of Vancouver's weather challenges, and asked us to appear in their latest story. Email subscribers can watch the video by clicking here.

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i just take some issue with mike wanting a "message" ...the machines are in place and working the strategy of any west coast city in this amount of snow is going to the mayor has said there is going to be a meeting at (a high level) to deal with this and set up a structure for the future...Robertson is also a business man and I believe will be successful at what he sets out and commits too,,,
(I noticed that there was no plan or strategy in place from any previous mayor for this amount of snow and yet we had it in the late 90's and 93)
Lets see what he comes up with I am sure it will be some hard action...look at the numbers budgeted and those spent...lots is being done but lets be honest about getting a metre of snow in 2.5 weeks on the west coast....there will be some havoc...I think the action plan that the mayors office comes out with will more than appease those who wanted a message from city hall....time will tell...

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