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Main Street crosswalk
A typical street corner in a busy Vancouver shopping district

Seeing that we've been advocating for the City of Vancouver to share some kind of information about city services hampered by Snowmageddon, we thought we should share the fact that the CoV communications department has come out of a deep slumber with this communiqué, the first in nine days!

City road clearing crews are now focusing on salting and clearing the steepest side streets in the City and clearing side streets around critical facilities such as fire halls, schools and hospitals. Crews will also be prepared for the snow forecast tonight and continue to keep the arterial roadways clear.

You may recall we, along with many other Vancouverites, have asked that the city concentrate on clearing side streets around schools in anticipation of Monday's return to classes. We also asked that garbage services consider allowing residents to use yard waste containers to accommodate overflowing bins which haven't been picked up since mid-December:

For those residents who have missed one or two weeks of garbage collection, please use your yard trimmings cart to contain excess garbage.

We've said along that our more able-bodied citizens will make out fine during this cold snap. It's the seniors and the disabled who are struggling the most. Out shopping today on Main Street we were blown away by how bad the sidewalks were, especially at all the corners and crosswalks. Ice everywhere. You take your life in your hands crossing over them. I had to hold a stranger's hand to cross as she was petrified.

Let's get on this stuff now. There's no excuse for it.


BREAKING NEWS (forgot to mention that tongue was firmly planted in cheek on this one...looks like a few folks took us seriously...hence the updated comment): Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie has finally broken his silence and spoken to Vancouver radio station CKNW this afternoon.

He states the City has blown through their $750K budget for snow removal, and have now spent just under one million bucks...and counting.

This group reminds me of past pollit bureau approaches to the paying public. Stonewall until forced to say something, albeit with an ineffective communique. Red Square at city hall has an overwhelming majority, and it shows. These clowns will make Vancouver the laughing stock of North America in short order.

Perhaps Comrade Gregor will be more forthcoming upon his return. While trying to mimic Obama, Robertson has missed the most important personality trait: Leadership.

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