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David EbyWe're certain the launch of our CityCaucus.com Official Donor Disclosure Countdown Clock on Friday had nothing to do with it, but former Vision candidate David Eby has now revealed who donated to his nomination campaign.

Eby has now "finally" (his word) posted on his blog a complete list of donors. What strikes you immediately about David's list is how damn hard it is for an unknown to raise money for a campaign. Even with a modest amount of public profile gained at Pivot Legal, it looks like he had a hard time shaking loonies out of anyone but close friends and family. This is the reality for all political newcomers.

One of his biggest contributors was Tennessee native Joel Solomon, Director of the Tides Canada Foundation and a supporter of Mayor Gregor Robertson, who contributed $1000. We note that Solomon's company Renewal Partners also contributed another $1000. Former NPA school Trustee Eleanor Gregory also contributed $250 to Eby's campaign.

The prize for the largest contribution goes to David Eby himself (that is, unless he has a family member named David), who contributed $2000 toward his own campaign. Eby lost his Vision nomination by a paltry 17 votes.

Eby jokingly states on his blog:

"Apologies to those of you who have been waiting with baited breath for the realization of the transparency promise around my campaign donations. The following is the list of donors to my, sigh, failed campaign for nomination to the Vision Vancouver party for the 2008 municipal election in Vancouver."

No word yet on whether former Vision leadership contender Councillor Raymond Louie will follow Eby's lead and make his donor list public anytime soon.

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