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paparazziMoney to politics is like Ricky Ricardo to Lucille Ball, like dark chocolate to Merlot, or like Britney and a paparazzo. One only gets more interesting in the presence of the other. So in the spirit of following the almighty buck in Vancouver politics, we are launching for those interested in what goes on at 12th & Cambie our Official Donor Disclosure Countdown Clock.

Now with every visit between now and March 16, 2009, at 8:30am when City Hall opens its doors, readers will be able to see the time counting down until the deadline when all candidates and political groups must declare how much money they raised, who gave it to them, and how it was spent.

You can see it in the top left hand corner of your web browser, just above the logo. Tick. Tick. Tick. Each day we will get closer and our readers will always know.

disclosure deadline

A note to our valued email subscribers. You won't be able to view the countdown clock unless you visit

Concerns about campaign funding disclosures have already been raised by On Wednesday we posed the question of why the public had not seen Councillor Raymond Louie's mayoral nomination campaign disclosure. We'll be sharing the love with the NPA too, asking them about campaign finances, debt and third party support.

Today we are 51 days away from the disclosure deadline, which gives us a lot of time to talk about who finances politics in Vancouver. Stay tuned to


Running the show, who you say,
Head of the Party or the Mayor?
Acting in blacks or whites or greys,
Ah yes, there are two players.

But be assured not James or Greg,
Who control and assure the fix,
Is it the mover Mr. Meggs,
And did I mention Mr. Dix?

Thank you, Islander. Let this be an encouragement to all other commenters to respond in rhyme.

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