Will Gregor's wish list wind up in the dead letter office?

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Tomorrow the Feds are doling out billions for infrastructure, but Mayor Robertson predicts he'll be "disappointed." Is it because he forgot to mail his letter to Santa?

gregor on globalThis morning on CKNW news you heard Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts talking about tomorrow's Federal budget, and the leaked report about huge infrastructure spending on "shovel ready" projects. Her voice practically sparkled with enthusiasm when she talked about how much she appreciated the help her city would get with roads and sewers.

Compare this with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson on Global TV News last night looking dour and openly challenging the Federal government to buck up. Mayor Robertson continues to be Vancouver's homeless mayor by once again not discussing the City's needs as a whole, as his Surrey counterpart has.

The Global story has some other notable components, such as featuring Vision Vancouver executive member Am Johal as part of a group of homeless activists doing their own special version of The Biggest Loser, partaking in a series of rotating hunger strikes that only the participants seem to know about.

Mark Townsend is also in the story, pointing to holes in the ground on Hastings Street and turning them into potshots against the Harper government. Mark is a leading figure in the Downtown Eastside poverty industry as head of the Portland Hotel Society. He's a smart guy, and probably knows better than to bite the hand that feeds.

A few questions arise from Mayor Robertson's rhetoric around the need for "thousands of new social housing units" in his city.

  1. What part of "shovel ready" does Mayor Robertson not understand? The Feds want to put people to work immediately building infrastructure, where new housing projects can take years to plan, develop and finance.
  2. Why did Mayor Robertson take the previous NPA administration's 12 approved social housing projects off his FCM wish list?
  3. Who's advising Mayor Robertson to comment on budget leaks and rumours, and using words like "disappointment" when it can only annoy those who are in the budgeting process?
  4. Did the actions of City Councillors Heather Deal and Geoff 'Mayor' Meggs, by openly participating in the failed NDP-Bloc-Liberal coalition and calling for the end of the Harper government, permanently damage the chances of Vancouver's Vision Council of receiving Federal help?

The fact is that Santa will be arriving for Canadian cities tomorrow, but because a few City Councillors were naughty, and someone forgot to mail his letter to the North Pole, Vancouver will probably have an empty stocking.

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