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We're officially launched! After our four week trial period we've finally got the thousands of square feet of office space at CityCaucus Tower running like a fine Italian motorcar. Batteries of researchers occupy floors 23 to 27, all hopped up on free cappucinos and smart drinks. These kids love politics and urban affairs like the little vipers at TMZ love gossip. We practically don't have to pay them...and we don't.

Up on 37 it's a little more exclusive crowd. Me, Daniel, our new correspondents, and various personal assistants. Lots of new leather furniture.

Who is above floor thirty-seven? Sorry, sworn to secrecy on that one. Even if some Keyser Söze type wants to grill it out of me I won't give. Besides, my key card won't unlock those floors even if I wanted to know.

We've had an exciting run these past few weeks. Radio and TV appearances, plus favourable mentions in print. Over 10,000 visitors in less time than Abflex promises Rock Hard Abs. We could only dream of this kind of attention.

Today enters a new phase of dialogue on Canada's urban affairs. Joining our crack team (a.k.a. Daniel, Eric and Mike) will be Erin Airton (Vancouver) and Michael Collins (Ottawa) to further expand our national perspective. Also today, we are proud to present Tim Louis, former Vancouver City Councillor, lawyer, advocate for social justice, and all round nice guy.

Expect more posts from Tim and other special guest editorialists in the months to come, as well as more web features.

To the over 250 people who showed up to our launch event, we thank you for your on-going support. We've started something pretty cool here at, and it's made all the more special because you've become one of the many visitors who've checked out our site in the last four weeks.

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