Calling police 'doughnut-eaters' may land Montrealers in the clink

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Chief WiggumMontreal City Hall is at it again.  We reported here last week that Mayor Gerard Tremblay was considering a new anti-mask bylaw. Today we learn that Montreal is now considering banning profanity. We're not sure what's in the water in Montreal these days, but something must be going on.

According to the Canadian Press

Montreal police have asked the city to empower local officers to crack down on insult-hurling citizens.

Mayor Gerald Tremblay said yesterday his public security committee is mulling over the request to slap offenders with fines, a suggestion first brought forward by Montreal's police brotherhood.

The union wants Mr. Tremblay to make it illegal for members of the public to call cops profanity-laced nicknames, or lob jeers, such as "pig" and "doughnut-eater."

We can only imagine the next bylaw emanating out of Montreal City Hall will be to outlaw the recession. Actually, that's not a bad idea!

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