Black Monday anticipated for Vancouver City Hall

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black monday

Now that Mayor Robertson's has wrapped up his Olympic Village news conference, and the bizarre briefing conducted by unnamed senior management at City Hall, it appears staff are preparing for what they are calling "Black Monday."

The Mayor has called yet another in-camera meeting (there goes openness and transparency again) for Monday at 9:30 am. Sources have told that one of the key items on the agenda is 'personnel issues'. Given everything that's transpired at City Hall over the last 4 weeks, it's likely that Council will be briefed on recommendations from the City Manager regarding which staff need to be held accountable for the Olympic Village development issue.

Morale at City Hall continues to plummet, with middle to senior level managers running for the hills. With the exception of a chosen few management staff, it would appear that no one is safe from the axe.

Mayor Robertson eluded to Black Monday when he told the media that he wasn't going to shy away from the tough decisions that needed to be made over the coming weeks. Might some of those decisions relate to the in-camera personnel item on Monday?


Seems to me CUPE makes the decisions, so there is nothing to shy away from. Comrade Gregor is simply the mouthpiece, with doses of drama added as required. It's when the questions begin that the Mayor stumbles. This comes as no surprise, as Mayor Robertson doesn't actually have a grasp on what's happening at City Hall.

Well I think it should be called integrity monday....Gregor is doing what most politicians dont..finding out the facts and being upfront with the taxpayers much are we on the hook for ,,,local news has said upwards of 10x the Sam and Judy amount of 100mill....can that be plausible?
I hope integrity monday comes with facts and figures...Gregor calls it like it is and has made many positive changes at city this where I say bye to a taxpayer I already know money is being saved in unfair labour/arbritation costs (she lost 96% of the ones she put to court) with our we'll get some facts on Integrity Monday....cant wait...will the blog owner ever speak to the overrunns in the new convention centre thats another elephant for the taxpayers to swallow...let that story be "Told ya so Tuesday!!"

"Morale at City Hall continues to plummet"

Looks like the new city council is quickly eating up all of their political capital.

I hope that Monday will bring some clarification and a viable strategy to deal with this very unfortunate situation. For example, I hope the general breakdown of the projected $875 million dollar cost is presented so that taxpayers can see that some of this money is being spent on the non-market housing, the rental housing, and the commercial and community space. It is not all being spent on condominiums.

I would not expect Council and staff to present the potential losses. However, I hope they will clarify that the amount will not be $1 billion or $875 million. In order to know what the potential losses might be, given different market value projections, I would hope that Council will announce that a qualified third party real estate consultant is being brought in to assess the situation and report back.

I also hope that we will be told about the strategy to get this project finished in a manner that will minimize any losses to the city. There are a number of things that might be done in this regard.

Finally, I hope that we will all be assured that the municipal election is finally over, and there will be sound leadership at city hall that is in the best interest of all citizens. I feel that Vancouver's national and international reputation took an unfair beating on Friday and over the weekend, and we must now try to remedy this.

But now, may I suggest that you all go for a walk along the new South East False Creek seawall and see for yourself what is being created. It really is quite impressive!

I wonder how Raymond Louie, George Chow, Heather Deal, Tim Stevenson and David Cadman feel about the fact that the man they helped elect to the Mayor's seat has just thrown them under the bus. Gregor thinks he can excuse them from that decision because they weren't aware of what they were actually doing when they voted for the various measures regarding the Olympics. In other words, they're incompetent and stupid, too.

And isn't it surprising that the man who promised openness and transparency at City Hall is now corralling the press into locked rooms with un-named secret government officials and told they aren't allowed to say anything about this meeting, and can't take notes, recordings or photos. And the press seems totally fine with that! These are the same type of shenanigans pulled by Republicans in the U.S. in an attempt to control the free press.

Gregor and Vision need to stop the campaigning and vicious divisive attacks. It just hurts the City and looks amateur. It's about time they start exhibiting some of that Leadership they talked about constantly during the election. Leadership means bringing everyone together to find real solutions to problems, not saying "The Sky is Falling!" and then throwing members of your own team under the bus to score political points.

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