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Happy New Year to our many readers! Thank you for visiting, as there would be no reason to post here without you. Before we get on to today's Best of Blog item a few words about this site and how to get the most out of it.

According to our December web stats we had 16,061 page views in our three weeks here, and an amazing 9,297 unique visitors (or "uniques" in geek speak). If there is a thirst out there for worthwhile information about Canadian cities (we think there is), then we hope to continue to provide much more of this in 2009. If you want to continue to connect to here are a few ways to do so...

We also encourage our readers to comment on our stories, but not our writers. We welcome praise as well as criticism provided it always sticks to the issues and does not personally attack any of our writers. You can go to other blogs for that kind of stuff. As the brilliant Oregon City Councilor Robert Liberty stated in a speech he gave in Vancouver, we can disagree, but it is imperative that the dialogue always remains civil.

Now on to our Best of Blog...

Jamie Lee HamiltonVancouver politics thanks to its many sides is never boring. If there is one person who gives our politicians a run for their money time and again it is Jamie Lee Hamilton. Her blog Oldtown News should be a regular read for students of Vancouver politics, particularly around the hotbed of the Downtown East Side.

To some Jamie Lee is a contradiction. Her work defending women in the sex trade makes her a natural ally of power brokers in the poverty industry who dominate the DTES. Instead, she prefers to speak her own mind about matters of justice in a neighbourhood that has become symbolic of despair in Canadian cities.

Jamie Lee didn't just wind up in the DTES because she was down on her luck -- she grew up there and attended local schools! We sometimes forget that the blocks surrounding Main and Hastings are an actual neighbourhood just like Dunbar or Killarney. You can bet that Jamie Lee will never let us forget it.

She's not always right (nor are we) but Oldtown News is always written with passion. Jamie Lee is quicker to cut hypocrites in half than anyone I know. The other day she emailed me suggesting that I had defended slates at a recent NPA meeting. I asked her to read my post again as I had not, but it reminded me how accountable we need to be around here.

Jamie Lee has written several posts lately on homeless shelters. She paints a bit of a depressing picture of the challenges faced by those trying to get sick people off the streets, and the politics around this issue. I strongly urge our readers to see what Jamie Lee has written.

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