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Melanie's Bistro

Toronto turns 175 this year and in advance of the celebration (the big party is on March 6) the Globe and Mail asked a few prominent Torontonians what they love about the T-dot.

As a former Westender now Eastender, I particularly enjoyed my neighbor Rick Mercer’s musings:

So really, I ask you: Good public transit, meat on a stick and a clean shirt for work, all within walking distance of one's front door? What more can a man ask for? Nothing.

The Danforth has everything anyone could need and downtown is a 15-minute bike ride away.

 On New Year’s Eve, my wife and I dined at a new restaurant located further to the east on the Danforth, near Coxwell. Melanie’s Bistro is so damn good and the prices so reasonable, Torontonians must check out Melanie’s. And for those of you from other cities, if you happen to visit our fair burg, make sure you dine here.

I can’t understand why anyone would spend money on chain restaurants that serve over-priced mediocre food (Earls, Milestones, etc) when mom and pop-run gems like Melanie’s can be found in every city.

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