What pluck! Anton makes her mark as Council's opposition

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Suzanne Anton

There's good news for the tens of thousands of voters who woke up last November 16th to find only one of their candidates made it to City Hall. Councillor Suzanne Anton is throwing down enough smack on Vision and Vancouver's new mayor to make her an early candidate for strongest voice on Council.

While Vision has been hiding away figuring out who to fire, Anton has been gettin' bizzy.

First Suzanne raised questions about Gregor Robertson's long list of US donors. Why can Americans help elect our mayors, she asked, when foreign donations are barred at the federal level? Her call for a review of this gaping hole in the municipal elections act by Minister Blair Lekstrom was welcomed by several local commentators.

Now Anton is asking the new mayor to put a muzzle on councillors in his worship's caucus who are publicly attacking the Prime Minister and the federal government. We know you guys are NDP, she observed, but do you have to make it so bloody obvious?

City Hall observers will be watching how the New Age Mayor reins in the feisty Bolsheviks in his midst.

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