Vision donor letter claims huge successes

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Vision Vancouver donor letter

One of's Vision Vancouver readers forwarded along a recent fundraiser letter sent out just before the Christmas break. The letter (full resolution copy opens by clicking the image on the right) describes the great accomplishments of this Council after only 2 weeks in office.

A couple of details caught our attention. The letter describes how, even with the "holiday season upon us" Vision elected reps "aren't slowing down."

We say tell that to the city's commuters, who have been stuck in snow heaps for a week.

Then there is the claim about a new "agreement with the Provincial Government to create 350 new shelter beds." We took some effort to look into that claim earlier. Perhaps it was an oversight not to mention Judy Rogers and Geoff Plant's participation in the effort to get those beds?

They also mention Andrea Reimer's effort to create car-free days around the city. If there is one thing Vision has accomplished, it's giving Vancouver car-free neighbourhoods due to poor response to the snow and ice.

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