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Thanks to the science of web statistics, has determined the EXACT number of political junkies in the Metro Vancouver area. And the number is... (drumroll, please):


Thanks to a link from Frances Bula's blog the news "broke" about's pre-launch website, and the stat counter started to melt down. By the time people put down their morning coffee cups and The Daily Show went on-air we had 451 unique visitors. Given the numbers of hits from RIM (Research in Motion) clearly a lot of you are getting your fix on your Crackberries.

And we've already been accused of "partisan hackery" by the full-time blog commenters. Guilty as charged, if you mean we're bringing a fresh perspective not found anywhere else.

Stay tuned as we continue to shine a light on the important issues facing cities across the country.


Welcome to the blogosphere gentlemen! Glad to see another entry into this burgeoning - or is it bufooning - field of journalism.

And thanks for the link to my website - once I remember how to do that I'll put one up on my site for you.

And after you've had a few days to get settled in I'm sure I'll fire a few missiles - er missives - at your target-rich environment of stories.

The people accusing you of partisan hackery are the same who participate in such hackery on the many blogs that support their own political views. Some people have already drunk gallons of Vision Koolaid (or is that Happy Planet juice?) before reading the Nutrition Facts. When they wake up with their sugary hangover, they will eventually realize that there's no real substance behind the kilt-wearing Mayor and his clan of sycophants.

CityCaucus will now be on my list daily blog stops.

(P.S. The Captcha below the comment box is very hard to read and required several tries before I could read it and enter it correctly. This may be discouraging to people who'd like to leave a comment here.)

Thanks for the comments and the critique of the captcha system. I'll keep an eye on this and if it proves to be a big problem we'll look at other spam solutions.

Check out!

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