Surrey Mayor finds good help hard to find

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Wanted: Surrey Go-fer

A big classified ad appeared in today's Vancouver Sun seeking candidates for a position entitled "Manager, Intergovernmental Opportunities and Mayor's Office". is having a difficult time determining if this position is a partisan political aide, or a non-partisan public servant. Our confusion stems in part with what the ad says:

"In this new role, you will work closely with the Mayor and the City Manager to develop strong relationships with key decision makers at all levels of government to ensure that the City’s strategic objectives are effectively communicated and understood. You will proactively research, analyze and provide advice to the Mayor, City Manager and City staff on opportunities and develop strategies for partnering with and/or obtaining grants and other funding options from other levels of government."

Normally staff providing advice directly to mayors are considered partisan political staff, but the ad clearly states this person will also provide advice to City staff and the City Manager.

If you want to apply for this position, the ad also warns you "may attend City Council meetings" as part of your job duties.

No indication on what the compensation package will be.

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