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We have to thank a few folks who have drawn attention to us over recent days. Yes, a giant Shout Out from the High Five'n White Guys who burn the midnight oil here at the offices.

First, thank you Charlie Smith, esteemed editor of Georgia Straight, and one of the finest commentators on civil affairs around. Read what he had to say about Charlie advises us to stick. to. the. issues. Great suggestion. We will.

Raymond over at VanRamblings has primed the pump and is back in the blogosphere with this take on us. Apologia? Good word.

The always provocative Gazeteer referred to us at least a couple of times this week. Not sure if it's us or Sam he digs more.

Pelalusa gave a little love here. Berner can't be far behind now.

Finally, where would be without the near daily mentions at the thought-provoking Beyond Robson blog? Don't think we fit the astroturfing label though.

As for the praise. It was a little harder to come by, but my Mom was thrilled that Mike Howell mentioned us the other week in the Courier.

Thank you, all!

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