BREAKING NEWS: Is announcement regarding Olympic Athletes Village imminent?

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While most of us are finishing up our last minute Christmas shopping, things were a tad hectic over at Vancouver City Hall today. Sources say that a high profile developer was seen coming in and out of the Hall...apparently in discussion regarding the future of the Olympic Village development.

It appears an announcement is imminent. Possibly as early as tomorrow.

Last week, a high profile PR firm was also seen hunkered down in Committee Room 2 as Council toiled away in their most recent in-camera meeting. The noise you're hearing isn't Santa landing on your roof, it's the sound of the Vision spin machine cranking up for the big announcement.

We're not taking a break during the holidays, so grab a bit of eggnog and tune in to for the latest on this emerging story. We'll have a lot more to report on this in the coming days.

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