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Today's blog post from the NPA AGM is courtesy of my iPhone.

3:00 pm - line up for ballots already beginning. Looks like a decent turnout.

4:00 pm - Ned Pottinger calls meeting to order. Speaks about what did and did not work in the 2008 campaign. Turns it over to Brian Demuy who reports that NPA is still in the black after an expensive campaign. Not all of the financials from the campaign are in yet.

4:08 pm - Frances Bula enters the crowded room. There are clearly two slates vying for control of the Board.

4:15 Someone taps me on the shoulder to say my dad's car is stuck in the snow. Missed Sean B's speech

4:26 Gavin D charms with a Frances Bula blog reference

4:29 Manjot gives a very good speech about how we need to court diverse communities

4:33 Someone has done a good job of getting out ethnic voters. Full room of about 150 listens politely. Amazed that people came out despite snow and slush

4:40 DJ reminds us all of the importance of East side vote. Doug L talks to swing vote strategies needed for NPA. Kirk M describes his experience working with gov't, and points out the slates which he is not on. Ransford says we need to become relevant again, that current council is "committed to radical social change."

5:18 Speeches long over and a pretty impressive group of candidates. Sam Sullivan & Peter Ladner both here with friends and family in tow. Lots of chattering as we wait for voting to close.

5:35 Voting closed. Ballots being counted.

Okay, had to leave for dinner appt. but just got the results:

New elected NPA board are

Sean Bickerton
Chilwin Cheng
Gavin Dew
Manjot Hallen
Deborah Spafford
Jeevan Khunkhun
Doug Leung
Michael Davis
Naresh Shukla

YNPA Melissa De Genova (chair) & Meredith Ladner

Check out!

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