Inaugural report: If it ain't Scottish, it's crap!

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Gregor Robertson, the new mayor of Vancouver, talks to the media near photographs of the city's previous mayors.
Photograph by Mark van Manen, Vancouver Sun

Moving the inauguration ceremonies outside of Vancouver City Hall might have been a symbolic shout out to South Vancouver (the city's other side), but given the numbers of staff shipped out to Main & 52nd, the caterers, the off-duty Vancouver Police and numbers of other "hosts" and organizers, this must have cost a pretty penny.

I guess we can say this is the new "living large" Vision administration. Add Judy Rogers' buyout, and you'd think someone won the lottery.

Gregor re-packaged his campaign speech into a version of the same set of promises -- creative capital, opening City Hall, ending homelessness, yada yada. He put a little more salt on his homelessness commitment by saying he WILL end homelessness by 2015. So set your watches for that.

Funny to note the acknowledgements for senior government politicians in the house...

David Chudnovsky, Jenn McGinn, Spencer Herbert, Adrian Dix... oh yeah and Wally Oppal, just so you didn't think it was an NDP caucus retreat. No mention of the actual MLA for the riding everyone was standing in, Carole Taylor.

Kevin "Vancouver Kid" Quinn sporting a new haircut and his swanky Mayor's office staffer suit stood at the back of the room, probably hoping that Google Cache drops his Blogspot missives as soon as possible.

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