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We're just wrapping up some loose ends while we all get our last minute Christmas shopping done. It's been an exciting week here at thanks to thousands of page views from across Canada. We're humbled by the attention you're paying us.

We've been following some great City Hall coverage from other sources. Our Laurie Best / Penny Ballem / Brent Humphrey story from yesterday made it into CKNW radio's news circulation last night:

A representative from the mayor's office says the two are career professionals in the public service and the office does not see their marriage as an issue when it comes to their respective roles at City Hall.

It might not be an issue in that office, but of course Vancouver citizens can form their own opinion.

Yesterday's Cutting Edge of the Leg' segment on the Bill Good Show kicked off in fine form with Bill, Vaughn Palmer & Keith Baldrey sounding off about their disappointment in the actions of Robertson's new administration. Here's an audio clip (email subscribers download here):

Vaughn had a lot to say about the flip-flop on the matter of transparency. We have similar observations. For example, let's take a quick scan of what candidate Robertson was saying prior to becoming Vancouver's Mayor:

"The citizens of Vancouver should expect no less than full and open disclosure of how every one of their tax dollars are spent - let alone $100 million of them."

"As Chair of Vancouver's Finance and Budget Committee will you [Peter Ladner] agree to an open and transparent process to look at the City's financial security with regards to the Millennium Development project?'

Here's what he told CBC Radio:

"I've made a commitment to hold a public council meeting within 30 days of being sworn in to put all the appropriate information on the table, so we can start restoring public confidence in the Olympic village deal and make sure taxpayers know how money is being spent without jeopardizing the deal or compromising any of the city's legal obligations," said Robertson.

Let's take a look at an excerpt from this week's excellent interview by Catherine Rolfsen with now Mayor Robertson in the Vancouver Sun:

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said Thursday he's still "hoping" to have a public council meeting about the Olympic Village deal by Jan. 8, as he has promised, but admitted that deadline may be hard to meet as council reviews the project in a series of in-camera meetings.

"That is my commitment, is to have information on the project out by Jan. 8," Robertson said. "It's really a matter of how much we can disclose. I'm hopeful we can lay a lot of it out at that point, by that time, so we all understand as taxpayers where we stand on the Olympic Village."

Robertson said council has had "a number" of in-camera meetings on the project, headed by Millennium Development.

If Robertson fails to hold a public meeting by January 8th, 2009, it will already be the second, and the most high-profile broken promise of his fledgling administration.

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