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Remember the good old days when Vision Vancouver councillors used to criticize NPA Mayor Sullivan for making all those announcements (pronouncements) outside the city hall chamber? That was because Sullivan did break with tradition and introduced a number of key policy ideas such as EcoDensity and Project Civil City to the public, prior to bringing them in to Council for debate.

If you recall, a number of Vision councillors said it was simply outrageous that the Mayor would make policy announcements to the media prior to making them available to all councillors.

That was then...this is now. This week, Mayor Robertson held a media conference to announce his "emergency" measures to tackle homelessness.

The NPA and COPE councillors had to attend the media conference in order to find out details of the plan. The earliest any of these "emergency" actions can actually be debated and approved by council will be next week.

It is worth noting that a motion has been introduced to dedicate $300K to the HEAT initiative, however, HEAT has yet to be debated or approved as a council initiative.

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